Because the gifs can’t do justice to the insanely funny horror that is Mr Blobby on the Big Fat Quiz of the 90s.


33. Jon Stewart Interview (Mademoiselle Magazine, August 1994)


I’ve recently began an old magazine hoard, trying to make up for all the old magazines I thew out when my family moved in 2000. I found this old issue of Mademoiselle at the thrift store earlier this week from August of 1994. Totally wasn’t expecting to see Jon there:

Jon Stewart article, Mademoiselle Magazine, August 1994. Jon Stewart, Mademoiselle Magazine, August 1994.

I was really surprised about all the Conan bashing, but of course Conan was only on the air for a few months when this article was written, so this was back when, I don’t know, it was cool to bash Conan.